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In Search of Tom Candy

He met everyone from Philip Armour to Robert E. Lee. He found his destiny, his love, and his legacy. Many years later, he is a difficult man to find but may help solve a decades-old mystery.  Where has he gone?

In the years during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of War Edwin Stanton was fighting on two fronts: to defeat the Confederacy and to root out corruption from among the Union. With the country divided, he had to reconcile his need for justice with the president’s need for his personal safety. Both battles made him many enemies, but he placed his trust in a dubious war correspondent who may have had information on Lincoln’s assassination. But this may have led to Stanton himself being implicated in the great man’s death.

Did he compromise himself too much in trying to learn about Lincoln’s killers and their conspirators?

In 1904, journalist JOHN STANTON, son of the former Secretary of War, is seeking to clear his father’s name and believes he’s found the key he’s been so desperately searching for in the enigmatic Tom Candy. His search has cost him his job and may cost him much more. Will the elusive frontiersman hold the key? What role did he play in the elder Stanton’s condemnation?

While zeroing in on Candy, John will face criminals of all sorts, rustlers, and a conspiracy two generations in the making. He will encounter America at the height of its power to bring people together and the depths of its ability to tear people apart. Old power will try to keep power at any cost, and all of the history John Stanton has confronted will come crashing together at Candy’s ranch and in a life-or-death race against time. Will he be able to make what he knows public before it’s too late? Can he clear his father’s name and achieve the peace that has eluded all three men for so long? Deftly blending history, political conspiracy, and murder, this amazing story is based on real people and events. Part The Rider of Lost Creek and part Epitaph, this is a story you won’t soon forget. In Search of Tom Candy is a tour-de-force roman a clef that sheds new light on a time when this country was torn apart and the cost of bringing it back together.

In Search of Tom Candy

Editors Synopsis

​In the years before the Civil War, a young Englishman by the name of TOM CANDY arrived in America to strike it rich in California, but eventually followed his passion for driving cattle while leaving his mark on history. This trip took him from the burgeoning metropolis of New York City to the meat-packing district of Chicago. It took him to the untamed wilderness of the West and back again.

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